Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sawa Cyane.

Awesome people.

Awesome new friends.

Sawa Cyane.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

TIA This is Africa.

There's nothing like the wind and dirt in your face...covering your white Muzungu skin with a nice "natural" tone that I like to call, a "subtle layer of dirt." All the while the sun's effect on your skin is amplified due to the doxycycline you take every day in hopes of warding off Malaria. This experience can be yours if only you have the opportunity to ride atop a land cruiser for hours through the bush.

Diesel trunks. Land cruisers. C'est la vie dans Afrique. There's something so African about Driving a diesel trunk through the streets of Kigali, or riding on top of a land cruiser hunting the trail of an elephant while on Safari... Enough said.

Or there's the blessing of a good starch. Blessing, I use that word lightly. I am REAL tired of starches. Rice, Beans, Fries, Potatoes, Bread, Fried Potatoes, Rice, Bread, and pasta. Good Lord, starches are like a brick, a brick lying for days in your stomach. Too much information. I know.

Languages. This is not something that I have mastered, but definitely something I get a lot of practice doing. A lot of practice for me and a lot of laughs for the French speaking Americans who stood by and watched me stumble through my mix of English, French, Kirundi, and sadly Spanish. Yes, I put some Spanish in there... that was a sad sad moment for me. But I will endure and am determined to return to the states with as much language skill I can gather. Sawa Cyane. Did I mention Swahili?

Motos. Seriously. Riding motos through the streets of Kigali. One of my favorite things to do. I can get a moto ride for a mere 400 FB. I've got skills. There's nothing like helmet hair from a loose helmet that doesn't clasp and the wind up your skirt, exposing ones knee. Scandalous. Je Sais.

Bucket baths. I can do bucket baths. But when you're upcountry sifting sand and putting together water filters, a bucket bath fine, Sawa. So be it. But when there's no water and five of you standing around covered in a sandy mud. The hunt for water must begin. Amazing that we managed to "steal" (I use that word lightly because we were in a guest house) 5 bucket worth's of water from one of the downstairs bathrooms, only to find out that when we had finished attempting to clean with a empty water bottle that the water was back on. Not only was it back on, but it was hot and had a lot of pressure.

TIA. This is Africa.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Cant even describe the beauty of going upcountry and walking through the villages.
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Clean Water, Cute newborn babies...what more could you ask for?

Creating clean water. Awesome.

Holding cute newborn babies named Iranzi. Totally beautiful.

Being called "Abuzungu" and being trampled by a herd of kids, slightly daunting.

Using my French. Priceless. Totally Jillianch!


Land cruisers...sitting on top of one is an awesome experience. There's nothing like the sun burning your skin and the dust giving you a nice coat of "natural tan." I maintain, land cruisers are by far the best part of a safari!!

Water Buffalos. Pretty awesome. However, my affection for them doesn't even compare to my new love of camels... sigh.